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School’s Playground Equipment Declared Too Dangerous! Washington Post.

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School’s Playground Equipment Declared Too Dangerous Even Though it is Ridiculously Safe – See more at:

Check out this article in Washington Post about a suburban D.C. school, Stratford Landing, whose PTA purchased a rather cool-looking piece of climbing equipment. They bought it, using bake sale and other fundraising money, from a playground company that naturally makes sure all its products meet national (and international) safety standards. Nonetheless, the school district decided was too dangerous. It has literally wrapped the structure in police tape and forbidden kids to use it. Says the Post:

Never mind that the same equipment is installed at more than 1,200 parks and schools across the country, including a public park in Fairfax County….

While parents say the kids just want to have fun, officials say the school system wants to avoid potential lawsuits should a child be injured on the equipment. According to statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 200,000 children visit emergency rooms annually after playground accidents.

We have noticed the problem that far too many producer of children playground equipment have today. The latest revision of the standard has not been yet assimilated.

Our Children Playground and Urban Furniture with [Art and Technology] are safe, innovative, robust, accessible and attractive.

Artotec have been and is a driving force behind the renewal of the standard. We contributed to the renewal of European security standard for playgrounds and public spaces (in accordance with the new standards EN 1176:2008, named on page 1 of the new manual).

It is also thanks to the participation of a committed and competent member of the committee that we could enforce our observations (16 technicality).

Adjustments accordingly (2009-2010), many equipment suppliers are not updated with the new and current regulations of European safety requirements.


Quality and safety are one!

Auteur : ARTOTEC

ARTOTEC AB conçoit, développe, fabrique et commercialise des sculptures ludiques et du mobilier urbain novateurs, accessibles et durables, simples d'utilisation et faciles à installer. Des équipements attractifs pour environnements de détente et d'activités semi-sportives pour tous les âges. ARTOTEC [Art & Technique] est une entreprise européenne qui allie un projet artistique et novateur à une technologie de pointe au service des collectivités locales, des maîtres d’œuvre, des cabinets d’architectes, paysagistes et créateurs de mobiliers urbains. ARTOTEC [Art & Technique] propose, en 2012, une gamme de 13 produits reconnus comme artistiques, esthétiques et durables, modernes, colorés et de qualité pour la création de parcs à jeux et d’aires de repos dans tout environnement de plein air, accessibles à tout public, tant adultes, que plus jeunes. ARTOTEC [Art & Technique] est une organisation qui vise l'interdisciplinarité en regroupant des experts de différents domaines technologiques, scientifiques et artistiques pour promouvoir la création de nouvelles aires de jeux, mobiliers urbains et d´équipements de plein air pour enfants et adultes.

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